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Have you found an interesting artwork but you keep wondering what the story behind its creation could be? Well, it’s possible you just would want to save the piece for yourself or even share it with your friends. Whatever the case is, your needs have been catered for; this perfect answer is all it takes. Now, simply use your mobile phone to scan the QR code shown on the label.

With iOS11, iPhone camera can automatically detect and scan QR code.  If needed, please download the app from the links below:

For iOS For Android

Active Engagement & Real-time Monitoring

Effective interaction with gallery-goers

How can your exhibition be better buzzed? Focus on engaging your offline visitors; save and share their personal favorites. Understanding your visitors’ real-time reactions to the featured artworks will be the key element to plan for your upcoming exhibitions.

Now, complete the easy "3-Step" to setup your show and find out how your offline exhibition is being accelerated.

Tag Your Artwork NOW!

Membership Plans



  • For any registered users with no time limit
  • Scan QR code, save & share artwork
  • Up to 15 registerable artworks & exhibitions
  • One (1) Main ID*
  • Auto-create & update exhibitions/artwork listings
  • Separate QR code for admin (artist), exhibition & artwork
  • Printout artwork labels with QR codes
  • Access to engagement metrics & emotion feed
  • Convenient call for entry setup & participation
  • Customizable discount QR codes boosting artwork sales



  • For emerging artists, private collectors, etc.

  • Up to 150 registerable artworks & exhibitions
  • One (1) Main ID

  • Includes all features offered for BASIC plan
  • Designated reviewer settings w/ selective listing visibility



  • For established artists, galleries, etc.

  • Up to 500 registerable artworks & exhibitions
  • Up to three (3) Main IDs

  • Include all features of STANDARD plan



  • For museums, educational institutions, etc.

  • Up to 1,500 registerable artworks & exhibitions
  • Up to ten (10) Main IDs

  • Include all features of PREMIUM plan

Custom Options

  • $4.99/mo. for additional 100 artworks & exhibitions

  • $0.50/mo. for an additional Main ID

  • $0.25/mo. for an additional Sub ID

  • Sub ID has limited access & control thus perfect for fine art students or affiliated artists
  • Custom options can be added to any one of the PAID membership plans

  • * Simultaneous access for a user ID from multiple locations is not allowed.

  • Note: Discount of 8.3% will be applied if billed annually. All discount rates shown on this page are subject to change without notice. If you are a government or a charity organization supporting artists/exhibitions in the form of a voucher, please email us at